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5th Edition Winners

Final Ranking

On May 10, 2019, the FINAL PRACTICAL TRIAL was completed at the Ruthinium headquarters in Badia Polesine (RO).
The 8 finalists were all excellences, presenting 8 works that have challenged the decision of the Technical Commission composed of professional dental technicians. Never as this year scores so close, works so well made at a high level.

FIRST CLASSIFIED with 120points
MARIO GJIMI - IISS "Righi-Nervi" Santa Maria Capua Vetere (CE)
VINCENZO GHIDELLI - IISS "Alfonso Casanova" Naples

SECOND CLASSIFIED with 119 points
MERUTA CIPRIAN - IISS "E.U. Ruzza" Padua THIRD CLASSIFIED with 116 points STEFANO SCUCCATO - Ipsia F. Lampertico Vicenza COSTENCES also to the excellent ADINA COSTENCES.Ruzza" of Padua

THIRD PRI ZE WINNER with 116 points
STEFANO SCUCCATO - Ipsia F. Lampertico of Vicenza

Congratulations also to the very good students ADINA COSTENCU - IIS "Nervi Fermi" of Alessandria, GIORGIA GIOE ' - Ipsia "F.Lombardi" of Vercelli, ANDREA VLLHI - "Fermi-Giorgi" Institute of Lucca, NICOLE ANDREA GARCIA - Ipsia "E.De Amicis" of Rome.

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