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Type III hard plaster (ISO 6873). For preparation of study models, antagonists and temporaries. Can be used for templates and moulding/moulding.

Technical specifications:
Mixing: 100 g powder/ 30 ml water
Mixing time: 30 sec (mechanical mixing) - 60 sec (manual mixing)

Setting time: app. 10 min
Expansion after 2 hours: max. 0.2%.

Compressive strength after 24 hours: min. 30 N/mm2
Processing temperature: app. 23°C

Processing time: app. 6 min.
Colour: Lemon Yellow - Blue
Format: 25 kg bag

Code Description:
2210001 YELLOW STONE 2.000 gr.
2220001 YELLOW STONE 5.000 gr.
2230001 YELLOW STONE SACK 25.000 gr.

2250001 BLUE STONE 2.000 gr.
2260001 BLUE STONE 5.000 gr.
2270001 BLUE STONE SACCO 25.000 gr.

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