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Yellow Stone

Hard plaster type III (ISO 6873) for the preparation of study models, antagonists and temporaries.
Usable for templates and moulding/casting in the muffle

Colour: yellow

Packaging: 25kg bag.


Hard plaster type III (ISO 6873) for removable dentures.
Increased hardness and abrasion resistance.
Very high quality models, excellent prosthetic results.

Colour: yellow.

Packaging: 25Kg bag and 5Kg bucket.

Stumps Rock

Extra-hard abutment plaster type IV (ISO 6873).
Preparation of removable abutments and antagonist models.
Excellent results in the fabrication of models for removable and skeletal prostheses.
High resistance to abrasion and compression.

Colour: Light brown.

Packaging: 25Kg bag, 5Kg bucket.

Acry Film

Fast-absorbing insulation for plaster.

Creates a thin, strong film between the plaster and the resin.
The solution penetrates deeply into the plaster and completely clogs the microporosities without causing dimensional changes to the model.
Can be diluted with water.

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